CREA® builds the insight you need

CREA® is your operational and management cockpit, providing tools to empower you and your equipment to achieve reliable and enhanced process performance, while reducing operational costs, based on your goals and priorities. It comprises: reliable and enhanced process performance, reducing operational costs, reducing environmental impact, and/or building resilience against climate change.  

  • A digital process intelligence platform: a single tool for multiple user profiles. Self-customizable dashboards, KPIs, reports & alarms, with data analytics features to support you in real-time to long-term strategic decision-making, as well as the day-to-day operation the plant. 
  • Fitted with a cutting edge engine: modular direct control of process equipment, using a combination of advanced logic tools (incl. artificial intelligence) tailored to each site, enhanced monitoring and a transparent control tool to empower operations teams to stay in control of their process, control strategies and priorities. [Read more

With our experience from having installed over 150 intelligent control platforms worldwide, CREA® is a modular and flexible platform suitable for any size as well as any process type, configuration and equipment.

Portfolio of platforms

Modular and customized cutting edge control solution to achieve maximum process performance and efficiency
Plug & play control solution
for small sites with basic
automation features

Plug & play control solution
for sites with little to no
automation features

Single cloud-based tool
for multiple CREA®


Dashboards, automatic reporting with advanced data analytics and KPIs for decision-support. All self-customized, to support different user profiles and their goals.

Key control modules on a single platform enabling synergies, and integrated wastewater treatment process control, or drinking water systems (source to tap) risk management.

Locally-based control (on your site), with manual & automatic fall-back systems.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation.