Energy consumption

Intelligent monitoring and advanced management systems for the optimization of energy consumption

Supply and installation of energy meters.

Implementation of data collection systems for energy meters (wired or wireless).

Implementation of intelligent monitoring and advanced management of energy consumption :

  • Acquiring and filtering recorded data.
  • Data presentation in a format that facilitates interpretation.
  • Export of data to spreadsheets.
  • Automatic sending of reports.
  • Automatic sending of alarms (via e-mail and/or SMS).
  • Remote control.

This intelligent monitoring and advanced management system enables you :

  • To know specific real-time energy consumption ratios for instruments, unit processes, sections, etc.
  • To access previous energy consumption records and export them to graphs and spreadsheets.
  • To detect equipment malfunction, operational deviations, etc.
  • To manage equipment startup and shutdown depending on contracted energy tariff.
  • To optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs.