Integrated management

Integrated water cycle management and advanced control systems

Supply and installation of measuring instruments (flowmeters, rain gauges, overflow detectors, etc.)

Implementation of data collection systems from wastewater treatment equipment and instrument signals (wired or wireless).

Implementation of data collection from off-line databases.

• Implementation of intelligent monitoring and advanced management of wastewater treatment:

  • Acquiring and filtering recorded data.
  • Data presentation in a format that facilitates interpretation.
  • Export of data to spreadsheets.
  • Automatic sending of reports.
  • Automatic sending of alarms (via e-mail and/or SMS).
  • Remote control.

This intelligent monitoring and advanced management system enables you:

  • To know the state of management units, water treatment and  the receiving  environment in real time.
  • To detect overflows in the overflow channel, leaks, equipment malfunction, process deviations, etc.
  • To associate overflows in the overflow channels to rainfall episodes or uncontrolled dumping.
  • To facilitate the implementation of preventive and/or corrective measures in the event of rainfall episodes.
  • To manage available on-line and off-line integrated water cycle information in an integrated, and centralized way.
  • To optimize the management and maintenance of the water treatment units and the receiving environment.