Capivari II WWTP


  • To reduce the aeration and costs whilst ensuring the effluent quality on a stringent discharge consent
  • To monitor, optimize and stabilize treatment performance
  • Centralize Lab and Energy data from external database
  • To become a 100% automatically managed aeration system

Plant characteristics

  • Design Flow: 25.056 m3/d
  • Biological reactor: 2x Plug-flow bioreactors + MBR 
  • Aeration system:
    – 2x positive displacement blowers
  • Effluent discharge consent
    TSS < 5 mg/L
    BOD5 < 1 mgO2/L

    N-NH4 < 1 mgN/L
    N-NO3 < 10 mgN/L

Solution implemented

CREApro® platform fitted with self-customized process intelligence tools and editable control configuration settings : an every day operation control as well as a strategic tool.  Intelligent control loops included and tailored:

AERATION: N-control module, including:



– Dynamic DO setpoint
– N/DN cycles management
– Advanced blower control
– Energy cost consideration


Effluent quality compliance
Aeration energy savings / kgN removed
Extra N removal rate %

Feedback from the user

“The aim of the implementation of the control platform was to increase process monitoring and stability, ensuring compliance with our stringent discharge consent limits, while generating savings in terms of energy (aeration). The solution implemented by a team combining the technology provider Createch and their local integrator partner Otimiza Saneamento achieved all the objectives set out, moving to a fully automatic aeration process operation with minimum manual action requirements.”
Silvia Dias
Head of Wastewater Treatment