We are a company specialized in the development of intelligent monitoring and control systems across the energy-water nexus

Createch360º joints a team of IT - computational intelligence, water engineering and business professionals – bringing you a hybrid team to deliver the most advanced solutions to optimize processes within the urban and industrial wastewater treatment sector. With over 100 installations worldwide, experience and continuous innovation guarantees high added-value solutions enabling utilities and industrial users to achieve efficiency and facilities performance. At Createch360º, we love what we do! Our mission is to help our clients to solve their operational challenges driving them into a more efficient and sustainable facility implementing CREA® intelligent monitoring and control platforms. We strive to provide high value-added solutions and services to our clients through our combined knowledge of water, IT and sector challenges. Createch360º has a global network of service providers in Europe, USA, South America and Middle East countries.

They already trust in us!

We are really proud to have been selected as a premium provider by some of the global players in the sector to optimize their plants: