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Createch provides process control solutions, built in an operational intelligence platform which enables customers to improve monitoring, process control and reduce operational costs and environmental impact (power, chemicals and can also reduce / avoid civil works).

Over 160 installations
across 4 continents

Models, expert knowledge, PID, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, rule-based, pattern recognition and machine learning… as appropriate.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation.

Locally-based control (on your site), with manual & automatic fall-back systems.

Key control modules on a single platform enabling synergies, and integrated wastewater treatment process control, or drinking water systems (source to tap) risk management.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation strategy.

Dynamic self-adaptive setpoints, signal reliability assessment. Resilient system able to adjust the solution to any future equipment, structural or consent change.

Dashboards, automatic reporting with advanced data analytics and KPIs for decision-support. All self-customized, to support different user profiles and their goals.

Online monitoring, equipment performance, energy KPI, weather, …

Applicable any type of of biological process, size, quality requirements level and type. Flexible and adaptable communication architecture.

our kpis

Global water cycle

Quality compliance
Stable & reliable automatic operation
Risk management improved

Water distribution

Increased hydraulic efficiency

Drinking water
& wastewater treatment

Energy cost savings
Chemical savings


Operation costs savings

Latest news

💡 The EU taxonomy is a cornerstone of the EU’s sustainable finance framework and an important market transparency tool. Its Regulation came into force in 2020 and establishes the basis by setting out conditions that an economic activity has to meet in order to qualify as environmentally sustainable.
In practice, for “Construction, extension and operation of centralised waste water systems including collection (sewer network) and treatment.”, a substantial contribution to climate change is considered if the net energy consumption of the WWTP is lower than a target ( ➡ quizz on targets below!)
How we can help you hit the target through our digital solutions ?
✅ aeration + pumping energy savings
✅ anaerobic digestion and co-digestion stability and increased biogas productivity
✅ smart energy management, controlling your CHP depending on your demand and available potential
Do you know your KPIs and your EU taxonomy target?
QUIZZ: what is the target for treatment plants with capacity 10 000 to 100 000 PE?

💡 Did you know… that we know… that your site and your needs are different?

🌍 🌎 🌏 We know, because our team have implemented close to 200 installations, each including one or several control modules, on sites sizes ranging from some 600m3/day up to 760.000m3/day, in 14 countries across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Americas.

We have seen a lot, and every time we discover a new process configuration, equipment requirement or user request, so we customise our solution to ensure it suits your needs.



📰 Our latest Newsletter is out !

Focus on drinking water solutions this time, and looking at a variety of innovations… from resource to tap. In a nutshell: it’s all connected.

That’s why we apply a holistic approach, so that our solutions enable:
🚰 high water quality production
♻ through efficient processes and systems
🌐 that build resilience to climate change
📊 and generating data analytics for strategic planning, informing and reporting.out !

Highlight of the month


📢 Exciting news from the UK: we have just won an international tender to provide advanced process control for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water for the wastewater treatment plants of Cardiff and Nash !
We are especially happy and proud, because while we have installations in some 20 countries around the world, those are the first in the UK 🇬🇧.
We are also delighted to work on those sites especially, as we are confident we can provide good value to DCWW, as well as demonstrate our expertise on 2 very different aeration system configurations (SBRs and also plug-flows with & without regulation valves).
The short term focus for DCWW is energy efficiency, but the long-term goal is much broader… more on that later… 😉
That’s it for now, let’s get started !