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Createch provides process control solutions, built in an operational intelligence platform which enables customers to improve monitoring, process control and reduce operational costs and environmental impact (power, chemicals and can also reduce / avoid civil works).

Over 160 installations
across 4 continents

Models, expert knowledge, PID, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, rule-based, pattern recognition and machine learning… as appropriate.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation.

Locally-based control (on your site), with manual & automatic fall-back systems.

Key control modules on a single platform enabling synergies, and integrated wastewater treatment process control, or drinking water systems (source to tap) risk management.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation strategy.

Dynamic self-adaptive setpoints, signal reliability assessment. Resilient system able to adjust the solution to any future equipment, structural or consent change.

Dashboards, automatic reporting with advanced data analytics and KPIs for decision-support. All self-customized, to support different user profiles and their goals.

Online monitoring, equipment performance, energy KPI, weather, …

Applicable any type of of biological process, size, quality requirements level and type. Flexible and adaptable communication architecture.

our kpis

Global water cycle

Quality compliance
Stable & reliable automatic operation
Risk management improved

Water distribution

Increased hydraulic efficiency

Drinking water
& wastewater treatment

Energy cost savings
Chemical savings


Operation costs savings

Latest news

🥳 We got out for the day with the Vic-Barcelona team (almost complete!)… just in time: a couple of days later winter suddenly landed on us. *

Full day : review of 2022, sharing, plans for 2023 and beyond, fun games and time for a nice chat with colleagues.

📢 Spoiler alert: we have lots in store, some very short term, and some to be launched in 2023. So stay tuned, on this channel, and you can also subscribe to our quarterly Newsletter for exclusive insight (here:

* Cultural note: “winter” for us is when the temperature dropped below 15ºC and everyone took their ski jackets out because that qualifies as “cold” (and actually it never snows…).

El PERTE del agua abarca la digitalización de todo el ciclo del agua.

Nuestras soluciones aportan las herramientas idóneas para afrontar estos retos, son aplicables a todos los procesos del ciclo del agua y han sido ampliamente validadas a través de referencias diversas en todo el mundo, pudiéndose customizar a tus necesidades: gestión & ordenación de información, control eficiente de procesos & sistemas, detección de eventos, … todo en una única plataforma.
Tener todos los datos del ciclo integral de agua en nuestra plataforma CREApro® de arquitectura abierta permite, ordenar, tratar y etiquetar correctamente estos datos para la aplicación de machine learning, IA y algoritmos de control con el objetivo final de un uso más sostenible del recurso agua, una preservación de la salud y el medioambiente y cumplimiento normativo.

🙌 We have just been selected as one of Asia’s “best water startups“, and selected to join Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 4 !

Building upon our success in China over the past 2 years, we are looking forward to tredding new ground in Asia.

Delighted and keen to get started !

Highlight of the month

Quedan menos de 3 meses para entregar los proyectos PERTE de digitalización, para actuaciones de mejora en el ciclo urbano PERTE !
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