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Createch provides process control solutions, built in an operational intelligence platform which enables customers to improve monitoring, process control and reduce operational costs and environmental impact (power, chemicals and can also reduce / avoid civil works).

Some 200 installations
across 4 continents

Models, expert knowledge, PID, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, rule-based, pattern recognition and machine learning… as appropriate.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation.

Locally-based control (on your site), with manual & automatic fall-back systems.

Key control modules on a single platform enabling synergies, and integrated wastewater treatment process control, or drinking water systems (source to tap) risk management.

Tailored editable settings, self-customized alarms and reports. No black box: your site, your operation strategy.

Dynamic self-adaptive setpoints, signal reliability assessment. Resilient system able to adjust the solution to any future equipment, structural or consent change.

Dashboards, automatic reporting with advanced data analytics and KPIs for decision-support. All self-customized, to support different user profiles and their goals.

Online monitoring, equipment performance, energy KPI, weather, …

Applicable any type of of biological process, size, quality requirements level and type. Flexible and adaptable communication architecture.

our kpis

Global water cycle

Quality compliance
Stable & reliable automatic operation
Risk management improved

Water distribution

Increased hydraulic efficiency

Drinking water
& wastewater treatment

Energy cost savings
Chemical savings


Operation costs savings

Latest news

Nous participons au Salon des Maires cette année et avons hâte!

Nous vous attendons sur notre stand pour discuter plateforme digitale et contrôle de process smart pour:
🔋 économies d’énergie
🌍 protection de l’environnement
📈 fiabilité et process

📅 21-23 Novembre
📍 Pavillon 3, Stand F71.17 (espace start-up)


📢 La segunda convocatoria del PERTE del agua ( Orden TED/919//2023 ) abarca la #digitalización de todo el #ciclodelagua.
Nuestras soluciones aportan las herramientas idóneas para las actuaciones “AGUA 360” incluidas en las intervenciones B6 y B7 de esta segunda convocatoria. Los retos son aplicables a todos los procesos del ciclo del agua: saneamiento, depuración, regeneración, agua potable y han sido ampliamente validadas a través de referencias diversas en todo el mundo, pudiéndose customizar a tus necesidades: gestión & ordenación de información, control eficiente de procesos & sistemas, detección de eventos, informe automáticos… todo en una única plataforma y personalizable por cada usuario.

📰 Looking for an insightful read?
See below ⬇ how 1+1>2 : example of how Createch360 – Intelligent Control Solutions‘s partnership with Galliford Try in the UK is generating value for the water industry and the environment, through smart digital water aplications and advanced process control.


Highlight of the month


📢 Exciting news from the UK: we have just won an international tender to provide advanced process control for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water for the wastewater treatment plants of Cardiff and Nash !
We are especially happy and proud, because while we have installations in some 20 countries around the world, those are the first in the UK 🇬🇧.
We are also delighted to work on those sites especially, as we are confident we can provide good value to DCWW, as well as demonstrate our expertise on 2 very different aeration system configurations (SBRs and also plug-flows with & without regulation valves).
The short term focus for DCWW is energy efficiency, but the long-term goal is much broader… more on that later… 😉
That’s it for now, let’s get started !