To reduce aeration costs whilst ensuring the effluent quality.

Plant characteristics

  • Design Flow: 364.800 m3/d
  • Biological reactor: 11x Plug-flow bioreactors 
  • Aeration system:
    – Phase 1: 10x turbocompressors
    – Phase 2: 4x turbocompressors
  • Effluent discharge consent
    TSS < 30 mg/L
    BOD5 < 30 mgO2/L
    TN < 30 mgN/L
    N-NO3 < 18 mgN/L

Solution implemented

CREApro® platform fitted with self-customized process intelligence tools and editable control configuration settings : an every day operation control as well as a strategic tool.  Intelligent control loops included and tailored:

AERATION: N-control and MOV-control modules, including:

– Dynamic and individual DO setpoint
– N/DN cycles management
– Advanced automatic valves control (MOV)
– Dynamic pressure control


RASi-control module for dynamic internal recirculation pumping


Effluent quality compliance
Aeration energy savings
Increased energy self-sufficiency

Feedback from the user

“Different CREApro control modules were implemented focusing on aeration process optimization, to increase process control and reliability and reduce energy costs. The project was implemented in great coordination with Createch and site teams, who still work closely together as Createch provides on-going support. The savings achieved were higher than expected within the validation period, and have remained consistent ever since, despite increasing loads.”
Patrick Bachelery
General Manager
Samra Plant Operation & Maintenance Co. Ltd, Veolia Near & Middle East