Photo by Francisco Piqueiro


To reduce the aeration costs whilst ensuring the effluent quality.

Plant characteristics

  • Design Flow: 40.697 m3/d (271.313 P.E.)
  • Biological reactor: 
    4 plug-flow units (Serzedelo I)
    2 carrousel units (Serzedelo II)
  • Aeration system:
    Plug flow line: 6 turbines/reactor (25 kW/Ut)
    Carrousel line: 3 radial blowers (400 kW/Ut)
  • Effluent discharge consent
    TN < 15 mgN/L
    TSS < 35 mg/L
    COD < 125 mgO2/L
    BOD5 < 35 mgO2/L
    TP < 10 mgP/L

Solution implemented

CREApro® platform fitted with self-customized process intelligence tools and editable control configuration settings : an every day operation control as well as a strategic tool.


Intelligent control loops included and tailored: N-control module , including:
– Dynamic DO setpoint strategy
– Nitrification/denitrification cycles in the aeration tanks (hybrid strategy), 
– Energy consumption daily profile optimisation for further monetary savings
– Turbines direct control (nb. equipment on and rotations)
– Blowers direct control (nb. equipment on and frequency)


Effluent quality compliance
Aeration energy savings
Total plant energy savings
Robustness and reliability

Feedback from the user

“The platform has been installed in 5 plants within the project, and the investment cost has been 0,00€ for us . The project has been financed, and savings sharing has allowed direct benefits. Each solution is fully customized to each facility, which has produced savings from day one. As soon as the project finishes, 100% of the savings will be for us!”
Claudio Costa
General Manager
TRATAVE- Tratamento de Águas Residuais do Ave, S.A.