To reduce the aeration costs whilst ensuring the effluent quality.

Plant characteristics

  • Design flow: 53.000 m3/d
  • Biological treatment:
    2x plug-flow reactors
  • Aeration system:
    2+1 turbo compressors (110kW/Ut.)
  • Effluent discharge consent
    BOD5 < 10 mgO2/L
    COD < 60 mgO2/L
    TSS < 15 mg/L
    TN < 10 mgN/L (annual average)
    N-NH4 < 30% of total nitrogen
    TP < 1 mgP/L

Solution implemented

CREApro® platform fitted with self-customized process intelligence tools and editable control configuration settings : an every day operation control as well as a strategic tool. Intelligent control loops included and tailored:


  • N-control module, including
    -Dynamic DO setpoint strategy (independent per lane)
    -Dynamic NH4 setpoint strategy (independent per lane)
    -Nitrification / Denitrification cycles (intermittent aeration strategy)
    -Energy cost via a tariff strategy for further monetary savings
    -Dynamic compressors control
    -Dynamic mixers management


Effluent quality compliance
Aeration energy savings
Total plant energy savings
Robustness and reliability

Feedback from the user

“The platform has been financed by Createch360º, and the retribution based on software performance. The savings achieved have been significantly higher than expected, and effluent quality continuously achieved, so 0€ investment, and no more worries about process behavior. Createch360º team does remote assistance, and is continuously improving and adapting software benefits considering any changes in aeration equipment, mixers or new measurement sensors. Once the platform cost is paid (32 months) Createch360º will continue the assistance and supervision of the system with a maintenance contract.”
Dott. Ing. Yafet Ambrossini
Responsabile Ufficio Tecnico Depurazione Uniacque