Plant characteristics

  • Design flow: 87.500 m3/d
  • Biological treatment: 
    – 2x stage 1 Bioreactors (AO)
    – 4x stage 2 Bardenpho reactors (AOA)
  • Aeration system: 
    6x turbocompressors: 2x shared for stage 1, 4x shared for stage 2
  • Effluent discharge consent
    BOD5 < 25 mgO2/L 
    COD < 125 mgO2/L 
    TSS < 35 mg/L 
    TN < 10 mgN/L 
    TP < 1 mgP/L 


  • To reduce the energy consumption (aeration, internal and external pumping, SRT) and chemicals (Ferric chloride) costs whilst ensuring the effluent quality
  • To monitor, optimize and stabilize treatment performance

Solution implemented

CREApro® platform fitted with self-customized process intelligence tools and editable control configuration settings : an every day as well as a strategic tool.

Intelligent control loops included and tailored  over 7 years:

    N-control and MOV-control modules with:
    -Dynamic and individual DO setpoint
    -N/DN cycles management
    -Tariff strategy
    -Advanced and predictive automatic valves control
    -Dynamic pressure control
    – P-control module, with dynamic dosing rate setpoint and adjustment to each individual reactor depending on N/DN stage
    -RASi-control module for dynamic internal recirculation pumping
    -RASe-control module, to maintain stable MLSS in reactors and sludge blanket in clarifiers
    -SRT-control, to manage WAS flow to reach a defined SRT

Intelligent data analytics tools included and tailored:

    -Real-time key signals reliability
    -Soft sensors, using Artificial Intelligence (self-adjusted models by Machine Learning)


Effluent quality compliance
Reduction of kWh / kgN removed
Reduction of kgFeCl3 / kgTP removed
Estimate increased bio-P removal rate

Feedback from the user

“ Different CREApro control modules implemented over 7 years of WWTP operation proved to be an affordable alternative to the upgrading and optimization of an existing WWTP and to comply with more stringent effluent quality.
We consider CREAtech360º remote monitoring/assistance service an added safety benefit in process control. The CREAtech360º team is open minded, innovative and always open to new proposals and development. Each solution is fully customized and adapted to specific WWTP requirements. “
Jordi Palatsi
WWTP Manager
Aqualia - Aigües de Lleida